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Many of AzPHA’s public health priorities are driven by Resolutions that are approved by our members.  AzPHA has dozens of Resolutions in place dating back to the 1930s. They are all available on our website: AzPHA Resolutions

Early resolutions focused on the importance of food safety regulations, tuberculosis control, family planning, and other public health issues. More recent Resolutions have focused on support for addressing the opioid epidemic, certifying community health workers, and addressing electronic cigarettes. Our Resolutions are important to us because they set our public health advocacy priorities.

AzPHA Resolutions stay in place until and unless the Members vote to remove or update a Resolution. Resolutions are developed by AzPHA Members and are forwarded to the Board for review. Members must approve all Resolutions.

We are pleased to announce the publication of a 2023 AzPHA Resolution that is up for vote of the entire membership:

Structural Racism is a Public Health Crisis: Opportunities for Policy Interventions

This resolution has been in the works for years (some have been asking for such a statement for decades!). A special note of thanks to the team who instigated this process over the past several months, to get it to where we could review and vote on it as a community. These folks took time out of their “regular” jobs to craft this resolution into something we can all lean into:

  • ·       Marcus Johnson, Former AZPHA President
  • ·       Lauriane Hanson, AzPHA Board Secretary
  • ·       Penny Allee Taylor, AzPHA Board Member: PH Policy
  • ·       Satya Sarma, MD, Chair AZPHA Board Member
  • ·       RJ Shannon, Member
  • ·       Vivian Huang, MD, MPH, Member
  • ·       Jannah Scott, ThD, MPH Member (YWCA Metropolitan Phx)

We encourage you to carefully review this new proposed Resolution and reply to the ballot you received last Friday by Saturday, September 30. We believe it is far past time for this Resolution and we look forward to membership ratification!

AzPHA Members Vote Here Before 9/30/23