There will be several voter initiatives and some referendum issues for us to vote on in November. We don’t exactly know which measures will make it to the ballot yet because the Secretary of State is still validating the signatures etc. and there are some lawsuits challenging some of the measures too.

If you’ve read your voter publicity pamphlet in the past, you’ll remember that there’s an analysis of each ballot measure. The analyses are really important because they convert the statutory language into normal language- and many voters use them in their decision-making.  It’s important that they be objective and accurate.

The language for the Analyses are prepared by the Arizona Legislative Council and evaluated by Council of Legislators, who consider and adopt or amend the draft analyses. ARS 19-124 governs the process.  The analyses are supposed to “… include a description of the measure and shall be written in clear and concise terms avoiding technical terms whenever possible.  The analysis may contain background information, including the effect of the measure on existing law…“. 

The Legislative Council is holding a hearing this Wednesday (July 25, 2018) at 9:00 A.M., in House Hearing Room #3 to consider adopting (or amending) the draft analysis language for the Stop Political Dirty Money Amendment (draft analysis); the Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona Amendment (draft analysis); the “Protect Arizona Taxpayers Act” (draft analysis); and the Invest in Education Act (draft analysis). 

I won’t be able to make it but I’m hoping some of you can take some time and attend.