Affordable Care Act

AHCCCS’ “Get Ready to Renew” Messaging Toolkit Available to Help Medicaid Members Prepare for Upcoming Renewals

An updated messaging toolkit about the end of the public health emergency (expected in July) is now available on the AHCCCS Return to Normal Renewals web page. The toolkit includes suggested social media posts, text messages, on-hold messages, and fliers you can use to help AHCCCS members get ready for their renewals. Community partners, health plans, advocacy organizations, and providers are welcome to use this messaging guidance in their communication to AHCCCS members.

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Disease Control

Journal Article of the Week: In-person Schooling & COVID-19 Risk Spring 2021

In-person schooling and associated COVID-19 risk in the U.S. spring semester 2021 Because of the importance of schools to childhood development, the relationship between in-person schooling and COVID-19 risk has been one of the most important questions of this pandemic. Previous work in the United States during winter 2020–2021 showed that in-person schooling carried some risk for household members and that mitigation measures reduced this risk. Here, we use data

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Professional Development

Looking to Make a Career Move?

The Arizona Public Health Association’s Career Center might be the ticket you’re looking for to find the right opportunity or candidate. Looking for a Job? One of your AzPHA member benefits is access to our career center, where you can find a multitude of jobs in the public health, healthcare, laboratory sciences and many other fields. Simply visit the site from time to time and check out what’s out there. You can also set up an

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Family Planning

Abortion & Public Health on A Crash Course if Roe is Overturned & ARS 13-3603 Becomes the Law of the Land

Teen pregnancy is an important public health indicator.  Having a baby as a teenager impacts the mom, the dad, the baby and the whole community. Teen parents often don’t finish high school which, in turn, reduces their ability to financially take care of their newborn and results in increased health care, foster care, incarceration, and lost tax revenue nationwide. It’s also a key driver of inter-generational poverty, which comes with a cascade

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Air Quality

AzPHA Action Alert: Comment on EPA’s Heavy & Medium Duty Truck Emission Standards Rule by Friday

Urge EPA to Select ‘Option 1’ for Heavy Duty Trucks & Add A Particulate Pollution Standard The EPA has proposed new vehicle emission standards for medium and heavy-duty trucks! That’s a good thing because the last medium and heavy-duty emission standards were established in 2002, light years ago technology wise. This important rulemaking will help to clean up and help transition the transportation sector toward lower emissions of harmful air

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Reproductive Health

Arizona Abortion Statistics

Back in 2010 the state legislature passed a bill (SB1304) that required clinicians that provide abortion services to report certain data points to the ADHS and talked the agency with writing an annual report. Ever since, the agency has been developing annual reports. Here is the 2020 Arizona Abortion Report, the last report for which data are available. The report contains more than 15 tables with various statistical and demographic characteristics

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