Assurance & Licensure

ADHS’ Regulation of Nursing Homes Shows Some Improvement After Years of Scandal

Arizona Department of Health Services Long Term Care Facility Regulation Follow-up Report A September 2019 Arizona Auditor General Report found ADHS hadn’t been investigating (or not timely investigating) long-term care facility complaints. The Auditor General made 5 recommendations to the Department. ADHS (Colby Bower) replied to the Auditor’s report by disputing most of the findings rather than admitting to the shortcomings and committing to make changes. Because the Christ-era Department disputed the

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State Legislature

Chad Campbell Tapped as Hobbs’ New Chief of Staff

Former Democratic lawmaker Chad Campbell will begin his job as Governor Hobbs’ chief of staff tomorrow. The move came as no surprise. Pretty much everybody expected Campbell to be asked to serve in the post – in large part because he brings precisely the right skill set to the job – and has the right personality for the post. Campbell served four terms in the House from 2007 to 2014,

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Air Quality

AzPHA Urges Corporation Commission to Deny APS’ 13.6% Rate Increase: Proposal Doubles Down on Coal

Arizona Public Service has filed for a rate increase with the Arizona Corporation Commission that would result in an annual net rate increase of $460 million, which would result in a net 13.6% bill increase for ratepayers. APS is asking captive ratepayers to pay for the continued operation of their Four Corners and Cholla coal-fired plants through 2031. The also have removed their original plan to have the Four Corners

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Behavioral Health

How Does ADHS Regulate Sober Living and Residential Behavioral Health Facilities

How ADHS regulates sober living homes and behavioral health residential facilities In Part 1 of ADHS’ Licensing blog series, they covered what a sober living home (SLH) actually is and  explained other types of homes that are often confused for sober living homes, including behavioral health residential facilities (BHRF), which are also licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS). This week ADHS posted more information about ADHS’ role in

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Climate Change

Arizona & the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

Back in November 2021 congress passed and the president signed a $1.2 trillion spending bill called the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. You might know it better as the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Over the next several years Arizona is set to receive billions of dollars for infrastructure development including projects that address energy efficiency, electric grid improvements, broadband expansion, workforce development and more. The funding presents an opportunity for Arizona to work

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Early Childhood

Social Media & Public Health

Message from the Surgeon General: Social Media and Youth Mental Health The US Surgeon General came out with a report this week outlining several categories including: Negative impacts on kids Social media can expose children to content that presents risks of harm Social media use can be excessive and problematic for some children The report offers some interventions described as “A Way Forward” outlining some actions that can be taken to

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