Healthcare leaders throughout Arizona can to become better leaders through the Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership program. The program formerly known as the Arizona Hospital & Healthcare Leader Association’s Emerging Healthcare Leader Program has been developing healthcare leaders since 2006.

The Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership (AIHL) program provides high potential midlevel to senior level leaders within not for profit, for profit and government hospitals and healthcare organizations the necessary skills to become exceptional leaders. Participants have richly diverse backgrounds from many clinical and nonclinical aspects of healthcare including: IT, nursing, ambulatory care, rehab, pharmacy, physician practices, telemedicine, quality, finance, human resources, case management and more.

Fifty percent of the leaders graduating from the Arizona Institute for Healthcare Leadership in the past three years have been promoted, several to Chief Executive Officer. As the pace of change in healthcare accelerates and current leadership is promoted or leaves, these graduates will take their place. Arizona healthcare organizations with an eye to the future have been sending top talent to the AIHL program for over a decade. AIHL develops healthcare professionals with leadership skills including emotional intelligence, communication and the ability to deal with change; all needed to grow their career to the next level.

“Through this experience I became more aware of my emotional intelligence and its impact on the success of the organization, being a senior leader. I also learned to handle my inner Gremlin better as a female, minority leader. In addition, I learned so much from my peers in the program, their similar struggles and successes made me feel I am not and my organization is not alone working through the immense and unprecedented challenges of healthcare and generational leadership transitions.”

A 2016 graduate

“The content of this course has proven very valuable. It helped me to become more cognizant of how emotional intelligence influences my approach to the work, and the positions I pursue.  It provided tools and resources that are helpful in dealing with situations ranging from normal every day events, navigating an organization through crisis situations, and managing a multi-generational workforce. The ability to apply what I learned in this program to real-time, real-world scenarios led to my getting a promotion to a larger, more complex organization.  I strongly encourage participation in this program.”

A 2015 graduate

The full fee is $5,500, participants can save $250 by being an association member and another $250 by applying by Sept. 20 bringing the cost down to $5,000. With the class time, executive coaching, outside reading and project the average person will spend 10-20 hours a month, not including travel for the session each month.

Applications are being accepted now for the 2019 cohort (which runs from January – October 2019. Deadline to apply is 11/16/18.

Program overview and applications are available at For more information contact Joanne Schlosser at or call 480-840-6024.