Three new Resolutions have been developed by our Resolutions Committee and have been forwarded by our Board for a vote of our Members. AzPHA Resolutions are important because our advocacy priorities are driven by Resolutions. AzPHA has dozens of Resolutions in place dating back to the 1930s. Our historic Resolutions are available on our Members Only site.  

Early resolutions focused on the importance of food safety regulations, tuberculosis prevention and treatment, tobacco control, family planning, and other contemporary public health issues. More recent Resolutions have focused on addressing the Opioid epidemic, certifying Community Health Workers, and regulating electronic cigarettes. 

Our AzPHA Members that are up to date on their dues and such are now electronically voting on the proposed Resolutions between August 28 and September 12, 2018.  Links to the proposed Resolutions are located below: 

Note: This voting is just open to AzPHA Members who are up to date with their dues.  Only members in good standing were sent the message with the voting link. Let me know if you believe that you’re an active member but didn’t get the email.  It went out on the morning of August 28 and was entitled “2018 AzPHA Election Announcement”