We’re roughly at the 1/3 to the halfway point in the legislative session now.  This coming week the only committees meeting are the Appropriations committees.  Lots of floor activity this upcoming week and then onto the delight of seeing how the Senate deals with House bills and how the House deals with Senate bills. 

The action this week will be in the Republican and Democratic Caucus meetings, the Committee of the Whole (in which the whole membership of a legislative house sits as a committee and operating under informal rules) and Third Read- which is the final tallied vote. You can follow the Third Read votes this week at www.azleg.gov.

The Appropriations committees will meet this week- but the public health bills with dollars attached have already been heard in the Approps Committees except for SB1399 (the School Health Pilot Program) which is being held at the Stakeholder and Sponsor request until procurement issues get resolved.

Leila Barraza, Senator Carter and I did a webinar this week on the UA Telemedicine system summarizing the legislative session so far.  You can click here to view webinar or view the Presentation Slides.

Here’s this week’s bill summary in spreadsheet format.

Bills Heard in Committee Last Week

SB 1060 (Strike-all Amendment) Electronic Cigarettes. Smoke Free Arizona Act (Carter) – AzPHA Position: YES

Includes e-cigarettes in the definition of tobacco products and smoking for the purposes of the Smoke Free Arizona Act.  Allows smoking in retail stores that sell electronic smoking devices exclusively and have an independent ventilation system.  Because the Act was voter approved- this modification to the law will require a 3/4 majority of both houses. The Striker was Approved by the Senate Health and Human Services Committee last Wednesday.

SB 1165 Texting and Driving Prohibition (Brophy McGee) – AzPHA Position: YES

This bill prohibits using a hand-held cell phone while driving.  There are some common-sense exemptions for example if the person is using it hands free etc.  Penalties are a civil penalty (no driving points) with the first offense being between $75- $150 and the 2nd offense between $150 and $250.  We are signed up in support of this bill.  Approved by the Senate Transportation Committee this week.  Floor vote next.

SB1399 School Health Pilot Program (Pace) AzPHA Position: Yes

This bill charges the AZ Department of Education with conducting a 3-year physical and health education professional development pilot program to improve the ability of physical and health educators in this state to provide high quality physical and health education to students in this state, improving student health and reducing Arizona health care cost containment 10 system and other health-related costs.  Appropriates $9.5M for planning, implementing, and evaluating the pilot.  Approved by the Senate Education Committee this week.  Appropriations Committee next.

HB 2470 Vaccination Religious Exemptions (Barto) – AzPHA Position: Opposed

This bill would add an additional exemption to the school vaccine requirements into state law.  Currently there are medical and personal exemptions.  The bill doesn’t include any verification of the religious exemption from a religious leader, just a declaration from the parent that they are opposed to vaccines on religious grounds.  Approved 5-4 by the House Health & Human Services Committee this week.  Floor vote next.

HB 2471 Informed Consent (Barto) – AzPHA Position: Opposed

These bills would add a requirement that physicians provide to parents and guardians the full vaccine package insert and excipient summary for each vaccine that will be administered.  Physicians already provide a Vaccine Information Summary to parents and guardians for each vaccine administered, which is noted in the medical record.  This new requirement would mandate provision of the 12-15 page insert, which is not presented in a format that incorporates health literacy principles.  Approved 5-4 by the House Health & Human Services Committee this week.  Floor vote next.

HB  2472 Vaccinations- Antibody Titer (Barto) – AzPHA Position: Opposed

These bills would mandate that doctors inform parents and guardians that antibody titer tests (which involve a venous draw) are an option in lieu of receiving a vaccination and that there are exemptions available for the state requirements for attending school.   Approved 5-4 by the House Health & Human Services Committee this week.  Floor vote next.

HB 2597School Safety Plan Task Force (Hernandez) AzPHA Position: Yes

This well-researched bill came out of a workgroup established by students at Mountain View High School. It takes a proactive approach to prevent school violence.  The Bill asks schools to develop plans to outline how teachers and staff will respond to crisis situations, how they respond to warning signs of emotional or behavioral distress among students, partnerships with agencies to refer students to support services, and what services they’ll provide after a violent incident.  Approved by both the House Education and Public Safety Committees this week.  Floor vote next.

HB 2718 Syringe Services Programs (Rivero) AzPHA Position: Yes

Decriminalizes syringe access programs, currently a class 6 felony. To qualify, programs need to list their services including disposal of used needles and hypodermic syringes, injection supplies at no cost, and access to kits that contain an opioid antagonist or referrals to programs that provide access to an opioid antagonist.  Approved by the International Affairs Study Committee this week.  Floor vote next.


Bills that Have Passed a Chamber

SB 1009 Electronic Cigarettes, Tobacco Sales (Carter) – AzPHA Position: YES

Expands the definition of tobacco products to include e-cigarettes. Among other things, it’ll make it clear that it’s illegal to sell e-cigarettes to minors. The penalty for selling to minors remains at $5K. Unanimously passed in the full Senate and was transmitted to the House this week.

SB 1040 Maternal Mortality Report (Brophy-McGee) – AzPHA Position: YES

This bill would require the Child Fatality Review Team subcommittee on maternal mortality to compile an annual statistical report on the incidence and causes of “severe maternal morbidity” with recommendations for action.  The current law requires a review of the data but no report. Unanimously passed in the full Senate and was transmitted to the House this week.

SB 1174 Tribal Area Health Education Center

The Health Education System consists of five area health education centers each representing a geographic area with specified populations that currently lack services by the health care professions.  The current regional centers include: 1) Eastern Arizona AHEC; 2) Greater Valley AHEC; 3) Northern Arizona AHEC; 4) Southeast Arizona AHEC; and 5) Western Arizona AHEC/Regional Center for Border Health.  This bill adds an area health education center focusing on the Indian health care delivery system. Approved by the Senate. Passed out of the Senate by a vote of 30-0.