The UA Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health and the Pima County Health Department have created an Academic Health Department with the goals of enhancing public health education, training and research to improve community health in Pima County.

Some of the elements of the Academic Health Department will include an expansion of internship opportunities at the Health Department for UA Zuckerman College of Public Health students; research poster forums featuring projects developed by interns; training for internship preceptors, faculty advisers, graduate coordinators and undergraduate advisers; and a fellowship program.

There will also be a Mini Public Health School, which will be a monthly lecture series featuring presentations by faculty members and health department staff discussing their research and community-based projects. 

Members of the AHC core team from the UA Zuckerman College of Public Health are: Dr. Rosales and Emily Waldron, community engagement and outreach coordinator. From the Pima County Health Department: Bob England, MD, MPH, interim director; Julia Flannery, organizational development program manager; Paula Mandel, deputy director; and Kristin Barney, MA, division manager. 

For more information, about the Academic Health Department, please contact Dr. Cecilia Rosales at, (602) 827-2205.