Legislative Update: March 1, 2020

This week at the Legislature was dominated by floor votes- there wasn’t that much committee action (except in Rules).  Lots of action on the Floor and many of the bills that we support are in good shape.  Below is the summary of where at Legislative Half-Time and here’s our weekly tracking spreadsheet from our policy interns.

Bills that We Support that Passed a Full Chamber

SB 1086 Long Term Care Surveyors  Passed Senate 28-2

SB 1167 Graduate Medical Education  Passed Senate 30-0

SB 1170 AHCCCS Dental for Pregnant Women Passed Senate 27-2

SB 1221 SNAP; benefit match  Passed Senate 28-1

SB 1493 Pharmacists; Dispensing Contraceptives – Passed Senate 26-0

HB 2244 Dental; Native Americans Passed House 60-0

HB 2670 Doulas; Voluntary Certification  Passed House 48-12

HB 2784 Medical Marijuana Research – Passed House 58-2

Bills that We Oppose that Passed a Full Chamber

HB 2453  Exemption, Food Code Wineries – Passed House 60-0

HB 2739 Liquor Omnibus-  Passed House 57-2

Bills that We Support that Still Need a Floor Vote (but  that are still in good shape)

SB 1571 Newborn Screening Fund 

SB 1028 Public Health Surveillance 

HB 2104 Child Care Assistance and Training 

HB 2549 Adult Protective Services Audit

HB 2550 ADHS Licensing Surveyors 

HB 2608 Overdose Prevention & Harm Reduction 

HB 2764 Mental Health Omnibus