There’s finally some good news from the field this week. Providers are reporting that they see a plateauing – if not an actual downturn  in key hospital-specific metrics.  However, despite these improvements the pressure on hospitals remains significant and variability in patient need and human resource availability continues. To date the AZ Surge Line has supported over 1800 patient transfers.

Providers are increasingly recognizing the importance of using the rapid antigen test as a long-term strategy for optimal transfer decision-making, patient cohorting, and support for under-resourced behavioral health and community service organizations.

St. Luke’s Hospital Alternate Care Site Update

You’ll recall that a couple of months ago there was a high-profile press conference out at the old closed St Luke’s hospital. The governor and health director talked at length about how that would become an acute care surge hospital in the event of a “worst case scenario”. The plans have changed and now St. Luke’s is would become a step-down non-acute care site (if needed). Over $8M in state dollars have been used to prepare the facility.