Here’s a link to Dr. Gerald’s latest Epi report for Arizona. Below is his introductory paragraph. You can go to the full weekly report at this link.

For the week ending October 25th, 7221 new Covid-19 cases were diagnosed in Arizona (Figure 1). This represents a 19% increase from last week’s revised tally of 6064 cases. Reporting delays continue to be minimal.

Accordingly, last week’s tally of 5779 new cases was only upwardly revised by 5% (285 cases) this week. Some of this backfill was also attributable to moving this report earlier in the week. Case counts continue to increase among all age groups (Figure 2 following page). Rising case counts warrant reappraisal of government policies as well as individuals’ adherence with face masks, physical distancing, and hand hygiene practices. Current transmission levels are just shy of those observed during the first week of June when 8239 cases were diagnosed. A mere 3 weeks later, Arizona’s case count reached a peak of 27796 cases.

Given the possibility of exponential growth, current conditions could deteriorate rapidly.