Arizona Public Health Association


Whereas, Dental disease is the most prevalent of all diseases in our children, 95%. of our school children have multiple tooth decay, 50% of our children have a malocclusion often as a result of dental disease, thousands of our children suffer infection pain and discomfort from dental disease.

Whereas Prevention is the treatment of choice for dental or any other
disease, both from an economic and comfort standpoint.

Whereas After 50 years of research and 25 years of practical experience
the fluoridation of water supplies has proven in every case to be a safe, economical and simple public health measure resulting the two-thirds reduction of dental caries in children born and raised in fluoridated communities.

Whereas Though the optimal level of fluoride in water supplies can provide vast improvement in the dental health of children continuing into adulthood, Arizona has the unusual circumstance of having several counties with excessive fluorides in their communal water supply which can result in damage to the forming dentition of children under eight years of age.

Whereas Small communities often lack the tax base to provide the necessary funds to treat their water supplies for optional fluoride content.

Therefore, be it Resolved, That the Arizona Public Health Association petition the State Legislature to provide funds to aid qualified communities in their efforts to adjust the fluoride ion content of their communal water supplies to the optimal level in the interest of vastly improved dental health.

66~1972_(1) Funds for flourination (legislation, oral health)