September, 1981


Whereas, a recent study of rural health in Arizona prepared for the Arizona Department of Health Services by the University of Arizona has demonstrated a continuing need for improved health indices and services in rural areas of the state;

Whereas, a major recommendation of this study and a central theme of the recently concluded 8th Annual Arizona Conference on Rural Health was the need for a state funded Office of Rural Health; and

Whereas, over thirty states, including all of the states bordering Arizona, have, in recent years, established state­ supported Offices of Rural Health or their equivalent;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Arizona Public Health Association urges the Arizona State Legislature to authorize and fund an Office of Rural Health or its equivalent, providing this office with sufficient responsibilities and funds to help resolve the many demonstrated health problems in rural areas of the state.

89~1981_(1) State funded office of rural health (public health infrastructure, legislation)