WHEREAS: The Arizona State Sanitarians Registration Council is contemplating requiring Continuing Education Credits for the renewal of Arizona registration for all Sanitarians practicing in the State of Arizona,

WHEREAS: The Arizona State Sanitarians Registration Council may approve Environmental Health related conferences and seminars provided by an agency such as AzPHA when applied for by that agency, and

WHEREAS:The AzPHA should be able to assist Registered Sanitarians in obtaining continuing education credits for renewal of registering,

THEREFORE: BE IT RESOLVED, that the Arizona Public Health Association apply to the Arizona Sanitarians 1 Registration Council for approval of any Environmental Health related seminars or lectures presented at Arizona Public Health Association meetings and/or seminars for valid continuing education credits for Sanitarians that attend.

APPROVED: 9/29/83

Submitted by Environmental Health Section

96~1983_(1) CME az state sanitarians (education, licensure)

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