Resolution 93-3

WHEREAS, the use of tobacco leads to illness, disability
and death; and

WHEREAS, the use of tobacco products is increasing among youth; and

WHEREAS, Arizona law prohibits the sale of tobacco products to minors, but this law is not enforced; and

WHEREAS, licensing of tobacco vendors, as proposed by the
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ “Model Sale of Tobacco Products to Minors Control Act,” would facilitate the enforcement of laws prohibiting the sale of tobacco products to minors;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Arizona Public Health Association supports:

l) a tobacco sales licensing system similar to that used for alcoholic beverages;

2) a graduated schedule of penalties for illegal sales, with separate penalties for failure to post a sign regarding legal age of purchase; and

J) primary responsibility for enforcement with a designated state agency, with participation and input from local law enforcement and public health officials, and using civil penalties and local courts to asses fines.

Passed by Board of Directors 9/29/93

Approved by Membership Annual Meeting 10/1/93

Executive Secretary

126~1993_(1)Tobacco retail licensing (tobacco)

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