Arizona Public Health Association Annual Meeting September 10, 1997


WHEREAS, Pollution and degradation of the natural environment have the potential to cause adverse health effects, and

WHEREAS, Prevention is the most cost effective and efficient way to promote environmental health and pollution control, and

WHEREAS, Indoor and outdoor air quality standards have a direct effect on the level of protection that will safeguard wlnerable populations, including individuals and communities; and

WHEREAS, Public policy efforts to ensure the safety of drinking water and the viability of Arizona’s water systems are vital to protecting the public against waterborne diseases caused by dangerous chemicals and microbial contaminants, and

WHEREAS, Cleanup of previously polluted natural resources is critical to assure public health and environmental protection, and

WHEREAS, By the year 2000, the United States is expected to generate 193 million tons of solid waste a year, with increasing amounts annually; and public health professionals have a large role to play in managing waste and designing solutions to potential hazardous situations, and

WHEREAS, Environmental pollution has an impact on all communities, and solutions require the expenditure of public and private funds,


The Arizona Public Health Association supports local, state and national efforts to prevent, control and remedy environmental pollution in order to insure public health protection. These efforts are best accomplished by an open process that ensures equity, accountability, community awareness and public participation.
Resolution Passed September 10, 1997

131~1997_(1) Environmental health (environement, public safety)

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