Arizona Public Health Association Annual Meeting
September 13, 1989

Resolution: Protecting Confidentiality of AIDS Services

WHEREAS: Police, firefighters, pre-hospital emergency workers, private medical providers, and others have sought access to health department records on HIV infected individuals; and

WHEREAS: some agencies have proposed or attempted to establish lists of HIV infected individuals; and

WHEREAS: lack of confidentiality discourages individuals at higher risk from participating in testing and intervention programs; and

WHEREAS: the CDC has promulgated universal blood and body fluid precautions and OSHA has developed a confidential process for health worker notification.

The Arizona Public Health Association supports legislative and regulatory action which will:
1. provide for the strict confidentiality of HIV test results on the part of health departments, hospitals, and other health care institutions,
2. prevent the disclosure to individuals or agencies of any personal identifying information from state and local health department HIV registries.

Approved by the AZPHA membership at the Fall Meeting, September, 1989.

Executive Secretary

115~1989_(1) Protecting confidentiality of aids services (HIV-AIDS, healthcare)

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