WHEREAS, in 1950 after a long and distinguished career as director of the
Ganado Mission Dr. Salsbury retired and almost at once accepted an appointment as Chief of the Bureau of Preventive Medical Services in the State Department of Health, and

WHEREAS, during his two years in this position he instituted far reaching changes in certain public health areas, and

WHEREAS, in 1952 he was chosen by the State Board of Health to head the State Department of Health, and

WHEREAS, since that time until his announced retirement July 1st of this year, he has worked early, late and indefatigably for the improvement of the health of the people of Arizona, and

WHEREAS, there has been marked improvement in many phases of the public health program under his supervision, and

WHERE.AS, much needed new programs have been added in the field of public health during his administration, and

WHEREAS, in all divisions of the State Department of Health service to the public has improved, staffs have been increased to more adequately meet the public needs, and personnel of the department have received recognition for their endeavors,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Arizona Public Health Association here assembled in its 1961 annual meeting recognize officially, and with deepest gratitude, the outstanding work of Clarence Grant Salsbury in the field of public health in this State and in the other areas around the world where his efforts have been and continue to be acknowledged; that this association at this time enroll Clarence Grant Salsbury as a life member upon its membership rolls, that a copy of these words of appreciation be spread upon the minutes of this association proceedings; and that a copy over the signature of the president and secretary of this association be presented to Dr. Clarence Grant Salsbury.

Geo. w. Marx, President

45~1961_(1) App Clarence Grant Salsbury (appreciation)

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