The Laboratory Section did not elect officers at this meeting. If the 1954 annual meeting is held in one of the larger cities they will elect officers, otherwise they will probably meet with the sanitarians section again and will not elect officers.

Mr. Williams congratulated the new section officers

A telegram received from the City of Winslow, inviting the Arizona Public Health Association to meet there next year, was read by President Williams.

The meeting was turned over to Miss Jefferson I. Brown, the new, President.

The Association expressed a vote of thanks to the out going officers

Miss Brown announced that there would be a meeting of the new Executive Committee immediately following, this session.

There being no further business to come before the Association, the Twenty-third Annual Meeting of the Arizona Public Health Association was adjourned.


WHEREAS The success of the twenty-third Annual Meeting of the Arizona Public Health association in Yuma, April 15-18, has been largely due to the fine efforts and coopera­tion of many individuals and organizations; and

WHEREAS It would not have been possible to complete preparations for the Twenty-third Annual meeting without the support of these individuals and organizations; now therefore

BE IT RESOLVED That the Arizona Public Health Association ex­presses its sincere appreciation and thanks to Mr. Raymond M. Cowley and the Yuma Chamber of Commerce, Doctor A. I. Podolsky, the Yuma County Health Unit, Mr. Sam B Reickert and the Del Sol Hotel, the Yuma Daily Sun, the Yuma Radio Stations, the Fraternal Order of Eagles, the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Yuma Mr. Keith Blossom and the Lily Tulip Cup Corporation, Mrs. Maxine Cole, the Speakers, and all other participants for contributing so generously of their time, facilities and financial assistance

32~1953_(1) Appreciations mr Raymond Cowley, Yuma Chambe of Commerce Dr. AI Podolsky etc. (appreciation)