WHEREAS Tuberculosis is the leading cause of death among the infectious an contagious diseases in Arizona and

WHEREAS Tuberculosis took the lives of 492 persons in Arizona in 1951, of which 427 were state residents and

WHEREAS The death rate from tuberculosis in Arizona is from two to three times that of the national average and

WHEREAS Arizona has provided an inadequate number of hospital beds for those who are incapable of meeting the high cost of tuberculosis treatment, and those persons are potential carriers of the disease to anyone else throughout the length and breadth of our state with whom they come in contact; and

WHEREAS, Nationally circulated magazines having millions of readers have carried the shameful story of Arizona’s high tuberculosis disease and death records, thereby bringing scorn, fear and ridicule of Arizona to those readers; and

WHEREAS, The undersigned residents of the State of Arizona are deeply con­cerned for the health and welfare of their loved ones, friends and acquaintances, all fellow citizens of this sovereign state; and

WHEREAS The honorable members of the Arizona. State Legislature currently are undertaking a study of the tuberculosis problem to determine the best possible means of meeting the tuberculosis conditions; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED, The members of the Arizona Public Health Association do hereby respectfully urge the honorable members of the Arizona State Legislature to appropriate whatever sums are necessary, and to take ‘Whatever other action is required to halt the spread of tuberculosis, in conformance with the findings of the many ex­perts available, and the tuberculosis study committee of the
Legislature .

Adopted by the Arizona Public Health Association
Yuma, Arizona April 17, 1953

33~1953_(1)Approp of funds to stop TB (infectious disease, legislation)