WHEREAS Arizona continues to have the greatest tuberculosis problem of any State in the Unions and

WHEREAS Arizona has an acute shortage of beds for the hospitalization of tuberculous patients; and

WHEREAS The State of Arizona does not have even one modern adequate tuber­culosis hospital; and

WHEREAS Experience has shown that hospitals located in isolated areas face difficulties in obtaining and holding adequate staff and specialized professional consultive services and

WHEREAS Long distance transportation of food and supplies adds to the cost of care and creates problems in emergencies both to the institution and to the families; and

WHEREAS Nearness to friends and family contributes to the mental contentment and early recovery of patients; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED That the Nurses’ Section of the Arizona Public Health Asso­ciation go on record as being opposed to use of the proposed abandoned Jerome Hospital for a State Tuberculosis Hospital; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That the Nurses Section go on record as favoring con­struction by the State of a new, modern, adequate hospital building to be located in a more accessible area; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That a copy of this resolution be sent to each State Legislator and to the Governor and each member of the Governor’s Committee on Tuberculosis Control, and to the State Tuberculosis and Health Association. ·

Adopted by the Arizona Public HealthAssociation
Yuma, Ari z ona

April 17, 1953

34~1953_(1)Opp use of TB Jerome Hospital, facilities (infectious disease, legislation)