WHEREAS, the 19th Annual meeting of the Arizona Public Health Association, held in Prescott May 12 and 13, 1949, has been an out­standing success, and

WHEREAS, it is the consensus of those members present that an
expression of appreciation should be tendered to those individuals and organizations who have contributed so unselfishly of their time and effort in preparation for and the conduct of the meeting, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that our gratitude and thanks be extended to to

Dr. C E, Yount, c. W. Strubee and members of the Local Arrangements committee who did such excellent work in arranging accommodations, meeting places and social events,

Mr. Frank R. Williams, Dr. J. P. Ward, O. V. Cooper and members of the Program Committee who were responsible for the planning, assembling and arrangement of such a fine program,

Dr. Robert Rothermel, who contributed so greatly to the success of the meeting as moderator and speaker,

Senator Sam Head, whose fine speech at Friday banquet was so enthusiastically received,

Dr. Nicholas Pelletier and his gracious staff at the Hassayampa Hotel, for making our stay a pleasant one; Mayor Seale, the City of Prescott, and the Prescott Chamber of Commerce, for the gracious hos­pitality extended, us
Miss Dorris Rakop and her able assistants for their efficient job of registration of members and guests,

Our sincere thanks to the following concerns for their generous support which made possible the various social functions: Arizona Pest Control Association, Associated Dairy Products Company, Bordens Creamery , Clark Drug Company, Co-Op Dairy, Incorporated, Cutter Laboratories, Lily-Tulip Company, Pacific Western Enterprises, Roy, L Perry Company,
Surge Dairy Equipment, Swift & Company, Westward Ho Dairy, and Wyandotte Steri -Clor .

To our officers, committees and to all who in anyway contributed to the success of this meeting, we hereby express our gratitude.


Resolutions Committee:
John Turnre Priscilla Pell on June Littrell

26_19th anuual meeting and thank you