There was a lot of action last week at the legislature, both in committees and on the floor. No doubt that you’ve already heard that a measure criminalizing the provision of abortion services after the 15th week passed both the House and Senate on a party line vote. The bill has no exceptions for rape or incest (see SB1164– abortion; gestational age; limit).

Governor Ducey is widely expected to sign the bill this week. By the time the bill takes effect 90 days after the end of the legislative session, the US Supreme Court will have likely upheld Mississippi’s law, which is almost identical. 

Once signed and in effect, any physician who performs an abortion past 15 weeks gestation (that isn’t a medical emergency) can be charged with and convicted of a Class 6 felony. Even if the doctor isn’t convicted, the bill states that her or his license to practice medicine “shall be suspended or revoked”.

Other high profile bills on the Governor’s desk are SB1138  and SB1165. SB1138 will place a ban on gender-related surgery for people under 18. The current standard of practice is to withhold gender related surgery until 18, but this bill would lock that into state law. SB1165 would ban transgender girls from participating on women’s athletic teams at public or private schools and at the collegiate level. The Governor is all but certain to sign both this week.

There are a host of both good and bad bills that are ready for floor votes in the House and Senate this week, so expect a busy calendar of floor votes shortly.

Many are bills that will harm public health’s ability to mitigate future infectious disease outbreaks, epidemics or pandemics. Below are the bad bills that will likely be on the Senate floor this week. In the House, we expect to see SB1009 come up for a floor vote (that one will greatly limits future public health emergency declarations).

  • HB2086 ADHS; school immunizations; exclusions 
  • SB1009 state of emergency; executive powers 
  • HB2453 mask requirement; prohibition 
  • HB2616 mask mandates; minors; parental consent 
  • HB2161 parental rights; schools; educational records 
  • HB2498 COVID-19; vaccination requirements; prohibition

Check below for all the bills in the floor hopper.  Several of the bills we’ve signed up for or against died last week (those are identified below too). Here’s our spreadsheet bill tracker for this week.

Bill Overview: Select Bills AzPHA is Supporting

Maternal/Child Health

SB1272 AHCCCS; postpartum care; eligibility; Passed Senate 26-2; Passed House Health & Appropriations; Ready for Floor Vote

Access to Care

HB2144 health insurance coverage; biomarker testing Passed House 59-0; Passed Senate Finance; Ready for Floor

Special Needs

HB2157 supplemental appropriations; community-based services SIGNED

HB2113 developmental disabilities; Down syndrome Passed House 59-0; Passed Senate Health; Ready for Floor- vote 3/24

HB2111 appropriation; healthy families program – Passed house 40-17; Still Needs Senate Approps

Social Determinants

HB2060 supplemental nutrition assistance program; Passed House 44-15; Passed Senate Health 7-1. Ready for Senate Floor

HB2484 forcible entry; detainer; filing fee Passed House 59-0; Passed Senate Judiciary; Ready for Floor


HB2255 fireworks use, limitations, prohibition Passed House. Ready for Senate Floor

State Hospital/Behavioral Health

SB1716 state hospital; governing board; governance Passed Senate 27-0; Passed House Health 9-0.

SB1444 state hospital; administration; oversight Passed Senate; Passed House Health; Rules then Floor

SB1641 health care institutions; civil penalties Passed Senate 28-0. Passed House Health, Still needs Appropriations

SB1162 opioid prescriptions; intractable pain; exceptions Passed Senate 27-0. Passed House Health 9-0. Rules then Floor

SB1210 mentally ill; transportation; evaluation; treatment; Passed Senate. Passed House Health 8-0. Rules then Floor.


Bill Overview: Select Bills AzPHA Is Opposing

Vaccines/Disease Control

HB2086 ADHS; school immunizations; exclusions Passed House 31-28; Passed Senate Health 5-3. Rules then Floor

SB1009 state of emergency; executive powers Passed Senate 16-13; Ready for House Floor Vote

HB2453 mask requirement; prohibition Passed House 31-28. Ready for Senate Floor Vote

HB2616 mask mandates; minors; parental consent Passed House 31-28. Ready for Senate Floor Vote 

HB2161 parental rights; schools; educational records Passed House 31-28. Ready for Senate Floor Vote

HB2498 COVID-19; vaccination requirements; prohibition. Passed House. Passed Senate Government, Ready for Floor Vote

Social Determinants

SB1164– abortion; gestational age; limit Passed Senate 16-13; Passed House 31-26 – On Governor’s desk


SB1175– noncustodial federal monies; appropriation Passed Senate 16-13; Ready for House Floor 

Recently Dead Bills

  • HB2382 appropriations, health programs, disabilities
  • HB2485 eviction dismissal
  • HB2033 juvenile offenders; monetary sanctions
  • HB2125 electronic smoking devices; retail licensing
  • SB1152– zero emission vehicles; plans
  • SB1154 transportation electrification study 
  • HB2226 fireworks use, limitations, prohibition
  • SB1298 government mask mandate; prohibition 
  • HB2043 employer liability; COVID-19 vaccine requirement
  • HB2145 electronic smoking devices; retail licensing 
  • HB2021 Drug Offenses, homicide, sentencing 
  • SB1123 disruption; educational institution; concealed weapon
  • HB2811 unlawful abortion medication; offense 
  • HB2787 Maricopa county; new counties