The bill logjam appears to be easing a bit this coming week, but not in a good way at least so far. There are two harmful bills that will be heard on the Senate floor on Monday (called 3rd read).

The most harmful is HB2616 which permanently takes universal masking away as a public health intervention in classrooms. It’s roundabout way says schools can’t require kids to wear masks ‘without the express consent of the parent‘, nullifying the intervention because classroom masking only works when it’s universal (basic masks are good at stopping particles from leaving mouths and noses but they’re poor filters except for N95’s and equivalent).

HB2498 stops cities/counties from ever requiring a COVID vaccine for staff. This one is less harmful than HB2616 in that it’s limited in scope and only applies to the COVID-19 vaccines.

We urge you to contact any Senator that you think might listen to you and urge them to vote no on both of these on Monday, but especially HB2616. List of Senators is here: Senate Member Roster.
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Bill Overview: Select Bills AzPHA is Supporting

Maternal/Child Health

SB1272 AHCCCS; postpartum care; eligibility; Passed Senate 26-2; Passed House Health & Appropriations; Ready for Floor Vote

Access to Care

HB2144 health insurance coverage; biomarker testing Passed House 59-0; Passed Senate Finance; Ready for Floor

Special Needs

HB2157 supplemental appropriations; community-based services SIGNED

HB2113 developmental disabilities; Down syndrome SIGNED

HB2111 appropriation; healthy families program – Passed house 40-17; Waiting for Senate Rules Committee

Social Determinants

HB2060 supplemental nutrition assistance program; Passed House 44-15; Passed Senate Health 7-1. Ready for Senate Floor

HB2484 forcible entry; detainer; filing fee Passed House 59-0; SIGNED


HB2255 fireworks use, limitations, prohibition Passed House. Ready for Senate Floor

State Hospital/Behavioral Health

SB1716 state hospital; governing board; governance Passed Senate 27-0; Passed House Health 9-0.

SB1444 state hospital; administration; oversight Passed Senate; Passed House Health; Rules then Floor

SB1641 health care institutions; civil penalties Passed Senate 28-0. Passed House Health, Still needs Appropriations

SB1162 opioid prescriptions; intractable pain; exceptions Passed Senate 27-0. Passed House & Sent Back to Senate

SB1210 mentally ill; transportation; evaluation; treatment; Passed Senate. Passed House Health 8-0. Rules then Floor.


Bill Overview: Select Bills AzPHA Is Opposing

Vaccines/Disease Control

HB2086 ADHS; school immunizations; exclusions Passed House 31-28; Passed Senate Health 5-3. Rules then Floor

SB1009 state of emergency; executive powers Passed Senate 16-13; Ready for House Floor Vote

HB2453 mask requirement; prohibition Passed House 31-28. Ready for Senate Floor Vote

HB2616 mask mandates; minors; parental consent Passed House 31-28. ACTION ALERT: Senate Floor Vote Monday 

HB2161 parental rights; schools; educational records Passed House 31-28. Senate Floor Vote Monday

HB2498 COVID-19; vaccination requirements; prohibition. Passed House. ACTION ALERT: Senate Floor Vote Monday

Social Determinants

SB1164 – abortion; gestational age; limit SIGNED


SB1175– noncustodial federal monies; appropriation Passed Senate 16-13; Ready for House Floor