Session Summary

Arizona’s state lawmakers recently passed a nearly 18-billion-dollar budget for state fiscal year 2023. The Governor hailed the bipartisan plan, saying the investments therein “will truly leave Arizona better than we found it.” The plan’s significant investments in water, education, and border security have made headlines – but what does it mean for public health?

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Zaida Dedolph Piecoro (Zeta DEE-Dolf Puh-COR-oh, pronouns she/her) is the director of health policy at Children’s Action Alliance and AZPHA’s policy director. Through her work in public health policy and advocacy, Zaida strives to promote community-driven solutions that promote health justice and access to care.

Zaida holds a BS in Anthropology and Bioethics from Loyola University Chicago and an MPH from the University of Arizona. Outside of (and sometimes during) work, she tries her best to wrangle a three year-old, several cats, and a giant tortoise.