ADHS is considering making changes to the opioid prescribing rules they promulgated a few years ago. Their draft rulemaking eliminates some of the more burdensome provisions of the rule that have been shown to be unsupported by evidence. Here are some of the highlights:

  • eliminates the requirement that a hospital obtain informed consent from an inpatient before the administration of an opioid.
  • grants hospitals more flexibility in how inpatients are educated on the risk and benefits of opioids.
  • grants hospitals more discretion on whether to conduct a substance use risk assessment on an inpatient who may receive opioids as part of treatment.

The rule incorporates the new law that passed last session allowing patients with chronic, intractable pain who have an established relationship with the prescribing medical practitioner to be able to get more than the 90MME cap.

Comments on the draft rule are due July 31 through an online survey found here.  

2022-07-20 PPAZ’s Response to AG’s Rule 60(b) MT FILED – DocumentCloud