Good news! Governor Hobbs has tapped AzPHA Director of Public Health Policy Zaida Dedolph Piecoro to serve as her health policy advisor. Zaida is a long-time member of AzPHA and has been serving as the Director of Public Health Policy on our Board of Directors for the last few years. She begins her new post on Tuesday,

Zaida stepped down from her role at the Children’s Action Alliance and also stepped off our Board of Directors last Friday to avoid any kind of perceived conflict of interest.

It’ll certainly be delightful & refreshing to have a friend of evidence-based public health policy on the 8th Floor advising the governor and her team on administrative and policy matters!

According to our By-laws, it’s Kelli Donley Williams’ responsibility to name a new Director of Public Health Policy to the Board. In the meantime, I’ll run the weekly public health policy committee meetings.