The House & Senate worked one day last week (Monday) and then promptly recessed until Monday, June 12.

The Legislature also took final votes on many of the remaining bills still in process, but most of them were hyper-partisan and can expect to meet with Governor Hobbs’ well-used veto stamp in the coming days. AZPHA is urging the governor to veto SB1234 – which would eliminate photo enforcement of traffic laws, although because that bill was modified in the House it is going back to the Senate again before it would hit Hobbs’ desk.

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SB1710, which would extract the Arizona State Hospital from ADHS and report to a 5-member Board starting January 1, 2025 remains in limbo in the House, where it needs to go through Committee of the Whole and then a final floor vote. Whether it will make it through the process remains unclear.

Governor Hobbs vetoed one of the worst bills of the session last week, HB2545. Veto Letter HB2545. That bill would have limited the ability of the Governor to declare a public health emergency to 7 days. Extending the emergency would require 2/3 vote of the legislature. Extensions could last just 1 week, and the legislature would need to extend them every week with a 2/3 vote.

A rumor is circulating suggesting that the Legislature will remain perpetually in session, something that has never happened before. I think that’s hogwash because most bills don’t become effective until 90 days after the end of session…  and majority members are anxious to see bills that Hobbs did sign go into effect.