Many of AzPHA’s public health priorities are driven by Resolutions that are approved by our members.  AzPHA has dozens of Resolutions in place dating back to the 1930s. They are all available on our Wild Apricot site:

Early resolutions focused on the importance of food safety regulations, tuberculosis control, family planning, and other contemporary public health issues. More recent Resolutions have focused on support for addressing the Opioid epidemic, certifying community health workers, and addressing electronic cigarettes.  Our Resolutions are important to us because they set our public health advocacy priorities.

AzPHA Resolutions stay in place until and unless the Members vote to remove or update a Resolution. There is a process for developing new Resolutions.  Resolutions are developed by AzPHA Members and are forwarded to the Board for review.  Members must approve all Resolutions.

AzPHA has a long history of promoting family planning, women’s reproductive rights and access to legal and safe abortion care, with AzPHA members having ratified 8 Resolutions over the years. Our Resolutions:

1938 Support for Local Birth Control Clinics

1938 Proper Medical Supervision in Birth Control Clinics

1971 Liberalization or Abolishment of Current Arizona Laws Concerning Abortion

1971 Family Planning Information & Services

1981 Opposition to Constitutional Amendments or Statutes that Prohibit Abortion

1981 Male Involvement in Family Planning

2018 Continuing Support of Title X: The Nation’s Family Planning Program

2018 Supporting Universal Access to Contraception


Here’s a Full Compilation of AzPHA’s Resolutions Going Back to 1935:

1935 Request change in the recording of deaths Download

1935 Appreciation to Governor B. B. Moeur, designating him an honorary member of the Association Download

1935 Gratitude to the Surgeon General of the U.S. for sending representatives to the Association meeting Download

1935 Appointment of a special legislative committee to advise and consult with State Legislature on laws affecting public health affairs Download

*1938 Support for local Birth Control Clinics Download

*1938 Proper medical supervision in Birth Control Clinics (#6) Download

1947 Support of the Central Arizona Project Download

1951 Consideration of funds for Civil Defense Download

1951 Study of Public Health employee salaries with a view to periodic adjustment of basic salaries to fit rising cost of living Download

1953 Support of legislature to halt spread of T.B. Download

1953 Nurses’ section of AzPHA opposed to use of Jerome Hospital for State T.B. Hospital: supports construction of new hospital in more accessible areas Download

1953 Recommendation: All children in Az should be eligible for Crippled Children’s Care Download

1953 Availability of Public Health Nursing Service in every county Download

1957 Registration Act for Sanitarians Download

1957 Support of Az State Nurses Association on certification of school nurses Download

1957 Public Health agencies should urge their employees to take advantage of opportunities for Public Health Education and Provide educational leave for this purpose Download

1964 Recommend to President Lyndon Johnson that George Marx be appointed the Federal Water Pollution Advisory Control Board Download

1964 Solid Waste legislation Download

1965 Proposal: School Health Education Download

1967 Registration of Sanitarians Download

1967 Governor to designate the State Health Department as Health Planning Agency under P. L. 89-749 Download

1969 Preparation for Family Life within educational system Download

1969 Registration of Sanitarians Download

1969 Regulation and Licensing of labor Camps Download

*1971 Liberalization or abolishment of current Arizona Laws concerning abortion Download

1971 Preventative health Download

*1971 Family planning (birth control) information and services Download

1971 Legislated Health Practice Areas Download

1971Health Data Systems Download

1971 Relationship between Social Services and Economic Planning Download

1972 Fluoridation of water to optimal levels Download

1975 Establishment of Lloyd E. Burton Scholarship Download

1976 Vote No on Prop 300 – auto inspection Download

1976 Comprehensive health medical care through Medicaid Download

1976 Delegate authority for meat and milk control to Arizona State Department of Health Services Download

1977 Allocation of funds for immunization Download

1977 Family Life Education in schools Download

1977 Commends State Legislature for passage of H.B. 2047 – inspection of meat and dairy Download

1977 Commends Governor Raul Castro for support of Medicaid and expressing disappointment toward attitude of State Legislature Download

1977 Promote DEFEAT of the Hyde Anti-abortion Amendment and that Countries’ Boards of Supervisors provide funds for elective abortions Download

1978 Dispensing Drugs by nurses in rural areas Download

1978 Endorsement of E.R.A. Download

1980 Support for the wider role of the RN Practitioner Download

1980 Prioritized list of health concerns – Download

1980 Proposition 106 and Public Health Services passed unanimously Download

*1981 AzPHA supports the resolution of the Arizona Right to Choose, Inc., which unconditionally opposes Constitutional Amendments or Statutes to prohibit abortions Download

1981 Concerning Location of Services in an Indigent Health Care Program – passed Download

1981 Supporting development of an M.P.H. Degree in Arizona – passed Download

1981 Encouraging Legislature to Fund Comprehensive Disease Control Services – passed Download

1981 Concerning a state-funded office or rural health – passed Download

1981Encouraging Legislature to Fund Comprehensive Maternal and Child Health Services – passed Download

1981 Proposed resolution by APHA on “Male Involvement in Family Planning” – passed Download

1982 Endorsing the nomination of Alvin Robert Leonard, M.D., M.P.H. for the Sedgwick Memorial Medal Awarded by APHA – passed Download

1982 Request President to encourage FDA to enact regulations for labeling of sodium content of foods by 9/30/83; and petition AZ State Legislature to enact legislation requiring foods processed in AZ be labeled for sodium content Download

1983 Oppose the development and deployment of nuclear weapons Download

1983 Public access to data collected by AHCCCS program; foster public discussion of future of AHCCS; work toward expansion of the program Download

1983 AzPHA apply the AZ Sanitarians’ Registration Council for approval for valid continuing education credits for Sanitarians Download

1983 AzPHA actively support efforts to cause the AZ Legislature to appropriate funds to implementation of S.B. 1264. mandating perinatal services Download

1983 AzPHA seek legislative and regulatory support for development and implementation of a continuum of long term care services for the elderly and disabled, including home health care, and the utilization of the Title XIX funds in state of AZ Download

1983 AzPHA expresses to officials of Nogales, Sonora, its deepest concern effects of the flooding; and for the hospitality and friendship the officials and citizens of Nogales, Sonora have shown and pledge to promote to continue that same hospitality and friendship in AZ Download

1984 Increase drinking age to 21 Download

1984 call for action for ADHS director for smoking policy of ADHS Download

1985 AzPHA calls for major increases in funding for AIDS prevention and public education against discrimination Download

1985 Adoption of resolutions on smoke free hospitals Download

1986 Urge Hospitals and other health care providers to recruit Spanish-speaking professional staff, interpreters Download

1986 Reduce and/ or eliminate smoking from enclosed public places Download

1986 Requirement that all insurance carriers in AZ accept assignment of risks for voluntary and small non-profit health care programs Download

1986 Discourage the use and promotion of smoking products including smokeless tobacco Download

1987 Primary Health Care Download

1987 Student Loan Program Download

1987 AZ area Health Education centers Download

1987 Oppose proposed Title X regulations Download

1988 Oppose Registered Care Technologists, propose ways to alleviate the Nursing Shortage Download

1989 Impact of Webster Decision – reaffirms previous pro-choice stance Download

1989 Hazardous waste management Download

1989 Protecting Confidentiality of AIDS services Download

1989 Services to HIV infected individuals Download

1989 Supporting voluntary HIV testing Download

1989 Restricting mandatory HIV testing Download

1989 School Immunization Requirements Download

1989 AZ Pharmacists filling prescriptions written by foreign physicians – supports Download

1990 Health care for all Arizonans Download

1990 Basic Public Health Services Download

1992 Early Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and treatment programsDownload

1993 smoke free campus Download

1993 tobacco vending machines Download

1993 tobacco retail licensing Download

1993 Tobacco Excise tax Download

1994 Repeal of S.B. 1053 Download

1994 Public Health in Health Care Reform Download

1995 Support state resources for Arizona Health Education Center Download

1997 Support local, state, and national efforts to prevent, control and remedy environmental pollution Download

1998 Support activities as an organization, in coalitions or individuals to reduce incidence of domestic violence Download

1998 Prevent abuse of antibiotics Download

2000 Folic Acid Prevention and Neutral Tube defects Download

2000 Abolition of the Death Penalty Download

2000 Childhood Asthma Download

2000 First Oral Health Assessment Download

2000 Injury and violence prevention, and control programs in the state and local health departments Download

2003 Osteoporosis Prevention Download

2003 Perinatal mortality review Download

2003 Primary seat belt law Download

2005 Pharmacies and Pharmacists – Duty to Fill Prescriptions Download

2005 Adolescent Access to Comprehensive, Confidential Reproductive Health Care Download

2005 Hold AzPHA Meetings in Smokefree Cities Download

2005 Fairness in Domestic Partnerships for All Arizonans Download

2005 Protecting Environmental Quality and Health Download

2005 Support for Land Use and Transportation Policies to Promote Public Health Download

2005 Support the Tobacco Free Arizona Initiative Download

2005 Promoting Public Health and Education Goals through Coordinated School Health Programs Download

2006 Support Public Health infrastructure Download

2007 Health Care for Uninsured Download

2008 Comprehensive Approach to Health Disparities Elimination in Arizona Download

2009 Tax on Sugar Sweetened Beverages Download

2009 Breastfeeding Support at Worksites Download

2009 Actions to Reduce the Public Health Impacts of Climate Change Download

2013 AzPHA Recommends Adopting APHA Policy #201119: Increasing Efforts to Encourage Governmental Health Departments to Seek Accreditation Download

2013 Annual Influenza Vaccination Requirements for Health Workers Download

2015 Expanded Family and Medical Leave Download

2015 Supporting Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes Download

2016 Universal Access to Oral Healthcare for Pregnant Women in Arizona Download

2016 Reducing Non-Medically Indicated Elective Inductions of Labor Download

2016 Prevention and Intervention Strategies to Decrease Misuse of Prescription Pain Medication Download

2016 Support for Community Health Worker Leadership in Determining Workforce Standards for Training and Credentialing Download

2016 Regulating Commercially Legalized Marijuana as a Public Health Priority Download

2017 Restrict Tobacco Sales to Persons 21 and Over in Arizona Download

2017 Restrict Texting While Driving in Arizona Download

2017 Require 50 minutes of Unstructured Recess in Arizona Elementary Schools (K-5) Download

2018 Prevent Firearm Violence in Schools Download

*2018 Continuing Support of Title X – The Nation’s Family Planning Program Download

*2018 Supporting Universal Access to Contraception Download

2019 Updated the Firearm Violence in Schools Resolution to include community firearm violence prevention – Download.

2021 Elimination of the Use of Conversion Therapy Practices for LGBTQ Individuals

2021 End of Life Autonomy

2023 NEW: Structural Racism is a Public Health Crisis: Opportunities for Intervention