Nonprofits have a unique ability to engage in developing meaningful public policy that builds healthier communities. This can range from sharing of information to conducting research to grassroots or direct lobbying.

Regardless of the tactics, public policy must be responsive to community needs, and community-based nonprofits play an invaluable role in ensuring these needs are reflected in meaningful public policy.

Vitalyst offers technical assistance to nonprofits focused on any of the Elements of a Healthy Community, and financial assistance may be offered to those working to advance issues included in Vitalyst’s Public Policy Agenda.

Grant Process

  1. Vitalyst Discovery intake form. *Be sure to click “Advocacy and Public Policy Capacity Building” when identifying your interests;
  2. Advocacy and Public Policy Selfie. Upon submission, you’ll receive a confirmation email prompting you to complete the final step;
  3. Schedule a consultation with Vitalyst Staff to discuss the recommended next steps.

Learn more here: Advocacy and Public Policy Capacity Building