Each Spring the American Public Health Association celebrates National Public Health Week. We’re joining them locally by highlighting some of the work being done by our Organizational Members that focus on some of the areas related to this year’s theme: Protecting, Connecting and Thriving: We Are All Public Health

Public health is more than just health care. It’s the steps we take to make sure our neighborhoods and environment are free from pollution. It’s making sure our food and water are safe to eat and drink.

It’s also the relationships we foster in our communities. We’re all interconnected. When we all come together to support public health, all of us — individuals, families, communities, and the public health field — can achieve the goals of public health

Theme 2: Healthy Communities

Where we live, learn, work and play have a greater impact on how long and how well we live than individual behaviors or health care. To improve the health and well-being of Arizonans, we must change the underlying conditions in our communities.  

AZPHA works with the Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities and their vision that all of Arizona’s communities should be healthy places to live. 

Their unique approach brings the private and public sectors together to ensure that banks, health insurers, and health care providers are active partners alongside the government and nonprofit sectors.

  • Their Live Well Arizona Incubator coaches teams that have identified a geographically-based health issue through the collaboration process and prepares the team to expand its work.
  • They also provide technical help collaborations can be established, projects developed, and communities can thrive.
  • Their engaging events offer cross-sector opportunities to share data, best practices, and policies to make our communities healthy.

Learn more about Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities on their website