The budget approved by the Legislature last session provided the funding for AHCCCS to cover emergency dental services for all adult members (over 21) up to $1,000 per year beginning October 1. AHCCCS turned in a plan to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid fortheir approval a few weeks ago.

The next public health question is “what is the definition of Emergency Dental Services” so folks can know what’s covered. 

AHCCCS posted proposed language that defines what will be covered awhile back (the comment period ended September 21).  In it, they proposed covering dental servicesfor: “…an acute disorder of oral healthresulting in severe pain and or infection as a result of pathology or trauma.”

The proposed language is posted at 310-D1 – Dental Services for Members21 Years of Age and Older and also clarifies what kinds of procedures meet the criteriafor treating an “acute disorder of oral health resulting in severe pain and orinfection as a result of pathology or trauma”. 

I couldn’t tell whether this is going to be the final definition and list ofprocedures or not that will shortly become covered.  I’ll keep my eye out for that.

Children up to age 21 enrolled in AHCCCS have had (and continue to have) access to comprehensive and even preventative oral health coverage under the program.