The Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA) has made their Thoughtful Life Conversations one of their priority programs this year.  It’s an affiliation of healthcare leaders, providers and community representatives with a shared commitment and a sense of accountability to improving end of life care for Arizonians.   

The Thoughtful Life Conversations program mission is to empower Arizonans to make known their life wishes and care directives and to equip their healthcare teams with resources to honor them.  Our vision is for Arizonans to have thoughtful life conversations that result in honored healthcare wishes and goals and improved care towards end of life.

Having conversations about serious illness, end of life care, and advanced care planning is important and challenging, even scary and uncomfortable for clinicians to initiate.

To facilitate these kinds of Thoughtful Life Conversations they’re holding several “Communications in Serious Illness” trainings. The trainings are free and space is limited so please be sure and register quickly!  I’ve added the series of training opportunities to our AzPHA Calendar of Events at or you can visit