In advance of our Annual Meeting, AzPHA will be conducting an on-line vote in early September for:

  • The new AzPHA Officers and Board Members that are being proposed by our Board of Directors.  If approved by our AzPHA Members via the electronic vote, the new Officers and Board Members will begin their terms on October 3, 2018 (at our Annual Meeting).

  • New Resolutions that have been developed by our AzPHA Resolutions Committee and forwarded by the Board for a vote of the Members.

Many of AzPHA’s public health advocacy priorities are driven by Resolutions that are approved by our Members.  AzPHA has dozens of Resolutions in place dating back to the 1930s.  They’re posted on our Members Only site at

Early resolutions focused on advocacy regarding food safety regulations, tuberculosis treatment and control, family planning, air quality, tobacco control and other public health issues. More recent Resolutions have focused on addressing the Opioid epidemic, certifying community health workers, and addressing electronic cigarettes.  Our Resolutions are important because they help guide our public health advocacy activities. 

AzPHA Resolutions are developed by our Resolutions Committee and are forwarded to our Board for review. The Board reviews the Resolution and forwards the Resolution to the Members for approval.  Proposed Resolutions can be voted on electronically before the Annual Meeting or they can be voted on in-person at the Annual Meeting.  This year we’re conducting the vote electronically.  

After approval of the resolutions, final copies are posted on the members only portion of our website.  Resolutions stay in place until and unless Members vote to remove or update a Resolution.

AzPHA Members – please keep an eye out for an email with the electronic ballot for the proposed new Board members and Resolutions next week in a members only email.