TANF: The Temporary Assistance for Needy Family (TANF) program provides many forms of assistance including cash assistance, childcare, transportation, mental health counseling, child abuse prevention, early intervention, job training and job placement services. This program received major changes to its eligibility in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Before emergency legislation was passed, citizens were eligible for 60 months of TANF during their lifetime, with potential for a waiver for another 60 months if you met the limit as a minor. Additionally, families with one or more adult must have 20 hours of work, community service or educational training to be eligible.

After the passing of Senate Bill 1687,  these requirements are no longer in effect. As stated in this bill, all TANF time limits and work requirements have been waived for the duration of the emergency declaration.

AHCCCS: Senate Bill 1687 updated the AHCCCS program to authorize payments to behavioral health service providers who were not originally eligible and now authorizes payments to providers of services to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities that did not previously qualify. The AHCCCS program estimates that 43,000 have joined AHCCCS as a result of the coronavirus pandemic which accounts for a 2 percent increase in the total enrollment. These provisions will expire once the governor’s emergency declaration is lifted.

A shout out to AzPHA policy interns Desiree Jones, Dylan Miller and Caitlin Tillis for this post!