For those of you interested in developing and implementing public health policy at the local level- there’s nothing like running a county health department.  Especially in a rural county.  Rural counties offer a unique career experience that allows you to see all facets of public health.  Folks working in rural counties learn about all the various public health programs- providing a unique opportunity to build a career in public health.  Running a smaller rural county health department also positions you well for larger organizations later in your career.

Right now there are a couple of great career building opportunities in Mohave County including the Public Health Director and Director of Environmental Health.  Both are based in Kingman.  These kinds of jobs don’t come open very often, so take a ponder over the Labor Day weekend and think about it.  I’m not spinning this- these really are good career opportunities for ambitious public health professionals that are looking to expand their reach in developing and implementing local public health policy.