HRSA-led Study Reveals Use of Sealants Remains Low Among Children

HRSA’s National Survey of Children’s Health revealed that among children ages 6-17 years, only 1 in 5 had received dental sealants within the past year. Together with steps taken at home, in the dental office, or on a community-wide basis (e.g., water fluoridation), use of sealants among children helps prevent dental cavities. 

In the study, 82% of children ages 2-17 years had a preventive dental visit in the past year, but lower rates of specific preventive services: 75% cleanings, 46% fluoride treatments, and 44% tooth brushing/oral health care instructions. 

Research from this study shows preventive oral health services are lagging among young children and children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. Further studies are needed to identify interventions that encourage the use of preventive services.

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