Non emergency medical transportation for doctor appoints can be a covered benefit for Medicaid members that qualify. The benefit is aimed at members that need assistance to get to medical appointments but may not have a drivers license or car etc.

AHCCCS recently became the 1st Medicaid agency to take advantage of the new efficiencies provided by ridesharing services.  AHCCCS Director Jami Snyder was quoted in media report this week as saying  “We are proud to be the first Medicaid program in the country to establish an innovative regulatory approach that seamlessly offers rideshare as a non-emergency medical transportation option for Medicaid beneficiaries.” 

This policy change will help more people get to consultations without having to rely on public transportation. Here’s the statement on the AHCCCS website about the new policy: 

Adding rideshare companies as providers of non-emergency medical transportation can add flexibility to the health care delivery system and increase transportation options for Medicaid members. Under the new AHCCCS provider category, rideshare companies are eligible to serve Medicaid members who do not require personal assistance during medically necessary transportation. As such, the training required of these providers is reduced as compared to traditional non-emergency transportation providers.

AHCCCS members will not need to change how they request non-emergency medical transportation, and should continue to contact their health care plan to request service. The health care plan and/or their transportation broker will assess the member’s need and determine whether a Transportation Network Company is a viable option for that particular transportation need.

Non-emergency medical transportation is a covered benefit for AHCCCS members when: the physical or behavioral health service for which the transportation is needed is a covered AHCCCS service; the member is not able to provide, secure or pay for their own transportation, and free transportation is not available; and the transportation is provided to and from the nearest appropriate AHCCCS registered provider. The complete transportation policy is published in the AHCCCS Medical Policy Manual, Chapter 300-BB and available on the AHCCCS website.