A group of Medical Marijuana Dispensary operators refiled a new proposed retail marijuana voter initiative this week. The revised language is largely the same as the language they submitted the first time around- but there are a few changes.

The first version said that the ADHS (who would regulate the program if it passes) sets standards for edible potency by=ut that they can’t set standards lower than 10mg of THC.  The revised version makes it clear that they can’t set standards above 10mg (a much better decision).  The new version also allows for an additional 26 retail marijuana store licenses (the former language would have basically limited licenses to the existing medical dispensaries. The new version also increases the criminal record expungement limit to possession of 2.5 ounces (in the first version it was 1 ounce.

Here’s an old blog post with my initial thoughts about the Initiative.

We’ll continue to review the language and evaluate whether basic public health principles related to our Retail Marijuana Resolution before taking any position.