On Friday state agencies told the legislature what they intend spend some of the $100M in rainy day funds on. So far, they’ve allocated $35M from the $50M medical fund and $6.7M from the other $50M contingency fund.

They’re planning to spend $10M on ventilators, and $8.5M for medical masks, $5.8 million to help county health departments, and $1.2 million to tribes for local preparedness and response.  Another $1.1M is going to the Boys & Girls Clubs & $2.4M to the YMCA to expand childcare options for essential workers.  $3M will go toward buying lab equipment and other supplies for testing.  $1.8M is headed to DEMA & $750K for a “hospital build-out”.

You can see the spending plan for both of the $50M funds here.