You’ll want to bookmark it

The ASU Biodesign Institute team has developed and posted a nifty Critical COVID-19 Trends website. You should bookmark it.

There are so many interesting data trends on the site including: 1) case trends by county; 2) daily positive test trends; 2) the percent of PCR test that are positive by day; 3) the new vs. total cases by county; and 4) the total deaths vs. total cases by county. Most of the data on this ASU site is info that you won’t be able to find on the ADHS Data Dashboard.

The total deaths vs. total cases graph shows you which counties are suffering with more severe outcomes. The percent positive of PCR tests by day shows you the daily trend in percent positives- which is really important because a determining point for moving to the next Phase of opening is the 14-day trend in the number of positive PCR tests divided by the total number of PCR tests done.

For example, the ADHS data dashboard shows the percent positive of the laboratory test results by the week….  but the ASU has them by the day. With all the data lumped into a whole week it’s hard to get a sense of a trend. It’s a lot easier to see whether there is a trend or not with daily data. Accountability and transparency.

There is also a lot of other interesting COVID-related info on the Biodesign home page.