A huge Thank You goes out to Senator Heather Carter from the Board of Directors and Membership of the AzPHA to Senator Carter for her unwavering support of public health in her years of service in the Arizona State Legislature, first in the House of Representatives and for the last 2 years in the State Senate. 

Senator Carter has successfully sponsored literally dozens of public health bills over the years that have made enormous improvements in public health in Arizona and she was awarded our Policy Maker of the Year award in 2017. It’s impossible to overstate how important Representative and then Senator Carter has been to public health in Arizona.

Sadly, she lost her primary race in Legislative District 15 last week meaning that she won’t be in the Legislature next session to continue her work for public health – at least in that capacity.  She will of course continue as faculty in the Arizona Center for Rural Health and will be able to be a strong advocate for public health on other ways. Thank you!