The Arizona Congress of Parents and Teachers has submitted recommendations which the ACPT have adopted. These have been amended and their endorsement is proposed by this association.

The Arizona Public Health Association recommends that:

Every high school in Arizona offer at least one academic unit in Health Education.

2. In order to have effective Health Education in the schools, School Boards and Administrators employ people with competent background in Health Education.
3. Graduates from teacher training institutions have competencies in the area of Health which will insure effective Health Education practices in the schools.
4. A Director of School Health Education be employed by the State Department of Public Instruction to evaluate, coordinate, and promote good school programs in Health for Arizona Public Schools.
5. The establishment of standards for Health Instruction and Health­ful School Living including,
a. required courses at secondary levels for instructions, and
b. required preparation.
6. A cooperative relationship between Health Departments and Depart­ment of Public Instruction be established.

It is further recommended that:
Copies of this action of the Association be transmitted to the Governor of Arizona, the Director of the State Department· of Public Instruction, the Arizona Congress of Parents and Teachers, and the Boards of Regents of the Universities of the State of Arizona.

PASSED, ADOPTED AND APPROVED by the Arizona Public Health Association at its annual meeting held. in Tucson, Arizona, the 9th day of April 1965

50~1965_(1) Health Education, collaboration of Health Dept and DPI (PH education, health education)