Resolution Encouraging Legislature to Fund Comprehensive Maternal and Child Health Services

Whereas, the direction of current federal legislation is toward increasing state responsibilities in provision of health care, and

Whereas, the Arizona Legislature has demonstrated its past support of the concept of state concerns taking precedence over federal programs, and

Whereas, there is a need for comprehensive maternal and child health service in every county,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Arizona Public Health Association encourage the Legislature to appropriate funds for comprehensive maternal and child health services, including high risk maternity and infant care, family planning, adolescent pregnancy prevention programs, and crippled and disabled children’s services.


Resolution was approved by the membership of the Arizona Public Health Association at their Annual Fall Meeting, held in Yuma, AZ on September 25, 1981

Jane Canb President

90~1981_(1)Funds for Maternal and Child health (maternal and child health, reproductive health, disability, children, legislation)

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