WHEREAS: the Arizona Public Health Association believes that nuclear war is presently the greatest threat to public health; and,
escalation or continuing development and production of nuclear weapons increases the potential for nuclear war; and, there are already over 50,000 nuclear warheads in the world, of which 30,000 belong to the United States of America, a quantity sufficient to destroy any country at least twenty times; and,

WHEREAS: there is abundant evidence that it is not possible for nuclear war to be “limited” geographically, “won,” or meaningfully survived; and,

WHEREAS: nuclear weapons production is an enormous drain on our economy which already has difficulty supporting basic public health needs with recent government cutbacks in health programs;

THEREFORE: the Arizona Public Health Association resolves to:
1. Oppose the development and deployment of nuclear weapons by the United States and all other countries;
2. Support an immediate and multi-lateral nuclear arms freeze and encourage our government to initiate multi-lateral negotiations to limit and further reduce nuclear armament throughout the world; and,
3. Notify the public through the media of this position.

94~1983_(1) Nuclear weapons opposition (nuculear, public safety)

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