WHEREAS: Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death and disability for Arizona young people; and the age group 19 to 24 have a disproportionately greater number of alcohol-related accidents when compared to the population as a whole; and

WHEREAS: eighteen to twenty year olds are in general: inexper­ienced drivers, inexperienced drinkers and within the most active drinking group; and

WHEREAS: younger persons have a greater impairment of coordination and of judgement at lower blood alcohol levels; and

WHEREAS: research results show that lowering of Arizona’s legal minimum drinking age in 1972 has resulted in a 26% increase in fatal accidents (141 per year) and a 36% increase in traffic fatalities (235 per year);

THEREFORE: the Arizona Public Health Association resolves to:
l. actively support the initiative measure to re-instate the minim4m age for purchase and sale of alcoholic beverages to 21 years of age. Amending Section 4-112, 4-117, 4-246, 4-244 and 41-1794 Arizona Revised Statutes;
2. encourage elected and appointed government officials to support this measure;
3. notify the public through the media of this position.

Research cited: An Impact Assessment of Arizona’s Lowered Legal Drinking Age and a Review of the Previous Research 1981 Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Jan 13, 1984

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