WHEREAS The practice of sanitation is a noble calling from service viewpoint, and of real significance to the public and,

WHEREAS Sanitation does involve a science of substantial extent and of considerable difficulty in its mastery by a prospective, practitioner, and;

WHEREAS Sanitation does require a constant use of that science, in daily practice and continued study throughout his working life, and;

WHEREAS Sanitation emphasizes a strict code of ethics upon all its practitioners in their relations to each other, to their employers and to their public clientele, and;

WHEREAS Sanitation is adequately connected in the educational system both for career making purposes and in the form of general survey courses for the lay student and;

WHEREAS Sanitation strives to attain public professional recognition of the calling, as a whole, through a large and ever growing percentage of its practitioners who in their daily -work are meeting the adopted professional, educational and ethical standards;

BE IT RESOLVED by this convention body of the Arizona Public Health Association that the passage of a RegistrationAct for Sanitarians containing appropriate standards and examin­ations be endorsed by this body for enactment by the legislative bodies of the state of Arizona

Cooper, Supervisor of Milk Sanitation
Arizona State Department of Health Chairman, Resolution Committee

Dated May 8, 1957

38~1957_(1)Registration Act for Sanitarians (food safety, legislation)

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