Arizona Public Health Association Annual Meeting
September 13, 1989

Resolution: Hazardous Waste Management

WHEREAS:Prior to the 1984 Amendments to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) very few waste products were shipped to Arizona for treatment, recycling, or disposal; and

WHEREAS: states neighboring Arizona have imposed new fees and taxes on the handling of various waste materials and Arizona has failed to do so, leading to the importation of these materials to Arizona; and

WHEREAS: these imported hazardous wastes may have both short and long-term human health impacts; and

WHEREAS: Arizona DEQ recently proposed then withdrew new regulations deal­ ing with the reporting and record keeping at hazardous waste recycling facilities; and ten year old solid waste regulations have not been modified to reflect changes in the 1982 Solid Waste Management Act, or the 1986 Environmental Quality Act.

The Arizona Public Health Association supports Legislative Action which will:
1. mandate the collection and analysis of information relating to the impact of hazardous waste importation on human health and the environment,
2. require special licensing at recycling facilities that accept hazardous wastes using permit conditions that still protect human health and the environment, but are not as burdensome as the entire RCRA Part B hazardous waste permit conditions,
3. require imported wastes that are “Hazardous to extremely Haz­ ardous” in their state of origin to be handled, treated, or disposed of at facilities in Arizona that meet all of the new permit standards of Arizona’s Environmental Quality Act.

Approved by the AZPHA membership at the Fall Meeting, September, 1989.
Executive Secretary

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