Arizona Public Health Association Annual Meeting
September 13, 1989

Resolution: Services to HIV Infected Individuals

WHEREAS: There is a need for comprehensive HIV/AIDS service delivery systems throughout the state of Arizona; and

WHEREAS:the need encompasses housing and human services, medical care both primary and specialty, psycho-social services and Home Health services; and

WHEREAS: service organizations serving HIV infected individuals are chron­ically overloaded; and

WHEREAS: long term care facilities have not responded to the needs of persons with AIDS.

The Arizona Public Health Association supports and endorses efforts to:
1. provide financial incentives for the coordination and de­ livery of community services;
2. integrate the care of HIV infected individuals into the main­ stream of the health care delivery system whenever possible;
3. provide specialty based health services to HIV infected individuals responsive to the unique clinical manifestation of the disease;
4. maintain and expand the rights of a HIV infected individuals to choose and plan their own health care.

Approved by the AZPHA membership at the Fall Meeting, September, 1989.

Date Executive Secretary

116~1989_(1) Services to hiv infected individuals (HIV-AIDS, healthcare)

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