An entity named ‘Protect Our Arizona’ filed a lawsuit last Thursday afternoon trying to stop the Arizona Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act from being on the November ballot.

Who is this ‘Protect Our Arizona’ group?

The tradename ‘Protect Our Arizona’ was filed with the Secretary of State as a tradename for a political action committee by a guy named Youssef Khalaf of “100 Squared Financial” a couple of months ago.

It’s not registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission, so there are no statutory agents to identify, nor is there a way to tell who is funding ‘Protect Our Arizona’s’ action (that I know of). The only name I can find associated with this mysterious entity is Youssef Khalaf. Note: Yousseff Khalaf is also the treasurer for the Kari Lake campaign.

The lawyer filing the suit on behalf of this nebulous political action committee is a familiar name: Kory Langhofer – the very same flamboyant guy who was the lawyer for the Arizona Senate in the Arizona election audit boondoggle.

Read the Complaint

The suit alleges that the 100-word summary of the initiative is misleading and that some of the petitioners missed a detail or two on their submission forms. After reading the complaint it seems like Langhofer is splitting hairs & grasping at straws. But it doesn’t matter what I think- it only matters what a Maricopa Superior Court Judge thinks and potentially the Court of Appeals and maybe the AZ Supreme Court.

Note: The Arizona Public Health Association is publicly supporting the Arizona Predatory Debt Collection Protection Act because of the protective effect it will have on public health.

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