How Local Health Departments Can Make the Most of New PH Infrastructure Funding

States will be getting significant new funding for improving Public Health infrastructure, but the needs are so much greater than the funding, so it will be important to invest the funds in ways that generate the greatest positive impact. 40% of the funding that states get will be passed through to local health departments.

This webinar shares some high-impact ways to maximize the impact of this money—helping each local health department get more resources.

Participants will learn:

  • Excellent (and economical) ways to build the strategic skills of new and existing staff (as well as community partners);
  • How to build and implement better CHIPs that get results, even when budgets are tight;
  • Why the next generation of monitoring and evaluation can have fewer headaches and more benefits;
  • High-impact strategies to address priority health issues with “everybody wins” partnerships;
  • How to simplify and improve Performance Management and other requirements for PHAB accreditation or reaccreditation.

Join us to learn how local health departments in your state can benefit from creative partnerships, sharing, eLearning, and group coaching in state-of-the-art practices so you get a lot more value from the dollars received by your state health department. This webinar is short—just 30 minutes. There is also one on July 26 that is targeting the state health departments on these same topics.

The applications for health departments in states or large cities or counties are due on August 15, so it’s important to view these webinars to enhance the applications.